We are inspired by the creators around us. Our hometown of Portland, OR is a foodie’s dream, often surprising, and endlessly communal. The creative spirit of Portland emboldens us, and we are lucky enough to work with the best creatives and makers under the stars.

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Kate Bingaman-Burt mostly draws, letters, documents, and collects, but she also does a lot of other things that involve energy, conversation, and exchange. When she's not drawing, she's a professor of Graphic Design at Portland State and runs a risograph printmaking studio called Outlet in Northeast Portland. Find her art featured in our Milk Chocolate Salted Toffee Bar.

Ryan Bubnis

Multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and educator, Ryan Bubnis' art features bold, graphic and deceptively simple imagery. Featured in our Dreamy Dark Chocolate Bar, see how his work lives in the space between abstract and representational.

Lisa Congdon

Illustrator and Author Lisa Congdon is well known for her colorful graphic drawings and hand lettering. With roots in North Portland and a large following, you'll want to frame Lisa's artwork in our Nutty Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Bar.

Skinny Ships

Skinny Ships is the world of colors and shapes created by illustrators Richard Perez and Jennifer DeRosa. The two met in San Francisco before retreating to the woodsy wonderland of Portland where they live with their two cats and play too many video games.

Madeline Kate Martinez

Madeline fell in love with drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon, and it’s the only true way she knows how to share her way of seeing and thinking about the world. Uncover her love of wild things in the Dark Chocolate Chai Hazelnut Bar.

Tess Rubinstein

Tess Rubinstein's work is centered around moments of simple joy, using painting, illustration, and textile design to encourage a nurturing of the present moment. Discover her artwork in our Dark Chocolate Salted Almond Bar.

Brett Stenson

Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Brett Stenson, connects his work to a sense of an invisible primal rhythm with the natural world. Whether it be the repetitive syncopation of patterns, the beauty of movement at scale, or the curiosity and texture of color and shape – it's all a simple projection of his primordial self and a lifelong fascination with wilderness. Find Brett Stenson's bold and colorful graphic featured in our Buzzy Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar.

Lan Truong

Lan Truong is an illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. Her work can be seen in magazines, newspapers, and on food packaging. She likes to travel and enjoys reality television. Uncover her colorful illustration in our Milk Chocolate Bar.

Willamette Valley Winery Collection

In collaboration with

Stoller, Montinore, Sokol Blosser, and Erath

Stunning views and superior wines make the Willamette valley a top destination for wine tasters from around the world. Savor a flight of chocolates made with the top varietals from the beautiful Willamette Valley and experience the heart of our home state.

Sparkling Wine Collection

In collaboration with

Argyle Winery

The Sparkling Wine Collection features Argyle Winery's estate grown sparkling wines draped and lustered in decadent chocolate. Uncork the effervescence of the 2015 Argyle Vintage Brut in white chocolate and 2015 Black Brut in milk chocolate.

Oregon Distillers Collection

In collaboration with

Bull Run, Rogue, Clear Creek, Rose City, Oregon Spirit, New Deal, Clear Creek, and Glaser

Savor the sharp flavors of nine fine spirits paired with decadent chocolate. Featuring spirits from Oregon's finest craft distillers, these truffles are as complex in flavor as they are visually striking.

West Coast Brewery Collection

In collaboration with

Breakside Brewery, Pike Brewing, and Sierra Nevada Brewing

Hundreds of craft brewers call the west coast home. Formulated with crowd-pleasing beers from the most loved breweries in Oregon, Washington and California, you’ll want to put these hoppy chocolates on rotation.

Oregon Growers® Jam Collection

In collaboration with

Oregon Growers®

Mouth-watering jams from Oregon Growers® preserve the long summer days in a Marionberry Habanero truffle, Pear & Ginger truffle, Northwest Peach pâte de fruit, and Strawberry Rhubarb pâte de fruit. A limited-edition summer exclusive!